Flow Bowl | Design


This piece was designed to be a functional and innovative silverware which suggested new production methods.

The aim was to develop a product that synthetized the liquid state of silver, blending movement, elegance and viscosity through design.

It was through digital fluid simulations that investigations were done on how a falling water drop deforms a liquid surface producing intricate structures out of this event.

Emergent formations gave shape to the design which was later adjusted for functional needs. A model was fabricated via rapid prototyping in order to test the design.

Capturing stills of fluid formations has been recently explored by Markus Reugels through high speed photography revealing the variety and complexity of forms in liquid behaviour.

  • Material

    Silver plated

  • Dimensions

    400 x 400 x 150mm

  • Year


  • Team

    Renata Dantas

    Pedro Reche