Golf Clubhouse | Rio de Janeiro


This national competition was to design the Olympic Golf Course’ Clubhouse in Rio de Janeiro, located 5km away from the Olympic Park. The plot has 950.000m2, where a 18-hole official golf course will be implemented as well as a driving range for training.

The brief of the competition was for a project with little intervention on existing landscape, maximum integration between clubhouse and golf course, accessible and sustainable.

The design intention was to create a building able to elegantly relate to the movement and swing of the sport, focusing on a natural ventilated structure with optimum orientations.

The façade’s wooden geometry allowed heat to dissipate and slight changes in the components gave place to openings.

The massing was such to permit wind to fluidly navigate through the building as well as to create visual links between the clubhouse interior and the golf course.

  • Location

    Avenida das Américas, Barra

    Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

  • Stage

    Concept design(competition entry)

  • Year


  • Team

    Renata Dantas

    Pedro Reche