Wine bar & store | Salvador


Located at a privileged spot in Rio Vermelho and near the seafront, the brief consisted of designing a wine shop and bar. The property had an existing building at the back that had be kept.

Being a sister shop to Malbec store, the coherence between façade proposals and wine racks was required.

The strategy was to define a main central space for wine display and to place storage and services at one side, against the skewed walls. A mezzanine was proposed in order to host wine events such as classes and lectures.

The separation between the existing building and the wine shop happens through a patio, where the wine bar would take place.

The concept of the patterns of movement used in the wine racks and in the façade were brought to the skylight of the patio, adding intricate shadows to the space.

  • Location

    Av.Oceanica, Rio Vermelho

    Salvador - Brasil

  • Stage


  • Year


  • Team

    Renata Dantas

    Pedro Reche