Beach house | Itaparica


The site is located in the island of Itaparica, in front of Salvador. The plot has 40 meters of seafront and a total area of 2500 m2. The house was designed for a couple and two children and the brief was for a project integrated with nature, exploring at most its location and able to generate multiple spaces for gathering.

The aim was to experiment with various qualities of spaces, enclosures, transparencies, through different materials in order to achieve subtle differentiation between rooms, but keeping an overall coherence within the geometry of the house.

The design strategy was to define a main axis of navigation where the common use areas of the house would be placed, including the living room, dining room, swimming pool and terrace. Such spaces have double height ceilings, full transparency, privileged views and a direct connection with nature.

Private spaces spin out of this main axis, allowing a complete isolation from the rest of the house and are characterized by a warmer atmosphere of wooden floor, lower ceilings and wooden pivoted doors allowing for privacy. The circulation, stairs and corridors, are thresholds between private/closed and the public/open spaces of the house and were treated as such with wooden screens and skylight.

In the landscape, grass, concrete and sand are placed as a field of elements connected to the built space.

  • Location

    Itaparica, Bahia

  • Stage

    On hold

  • Year


  • Team

    Renata Dantas

    Pedro Reche