Residential Competition | China

Cultural Centre | Cabo Frio

Law School Library | São Paulo

Residential Building | Salvador

Beach house | Itaparica

Otaviano Winery | Mendoza

Golf Clubhouse | Rio de Janeiro

Wine bar & store | Salvador

Kynetic Sculpture | London

Wine store | Salvador

Unpleated Table

Residential Building | Baza

Flow Bowl

Master Thesis LOUD @ AADRL

Master Thesis G15 @ AADRL

Library & Archive @ Zaha Hadid

Our approach through Design | Architecture | Urbanism

We believe it's up to the architect to translate the client's vision and aim, synthesizing values of aesthetics, space, use, structure, circulation, technology, materializing them into a single project.

dantas reche | architects offers design solutions in the field of architecture, urbanism and design.

Aiming for a collaborative and without borders architecture, dantas reche is aligned with international architects and consultants.